About Zianette: Strategist & Problem Solver

On a professional front - I grow companies (ones whose products and services I believe in). On a personal front - I help individuals honestly work their way out of difficult situations such as work challenges, strained relationships, tough decisions, etc.

A seasoned strategist and corporate professional, Zianette V. Frost has an established track record of success as a team leader, project manager, and negotiator. Throughout her career, Zianette has worked in a variety of industries, including educational services, financial services, facilities management, property management and public relations.

Having earned an MBA with a specialization in international marketing from Northeastern University, Zianette has had the pleasure of working with and gaining Fortune 500 clients, such as Apple, Starbucks, Petco, and Walmart. Her management experience has been utilized for companies abroad, overseeing international PR efforts in Asia, Latin America, Canada, and Europe. Working at MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program’s Office of Corporate Relations and Chemistry Department Headquarters Office, Zianette initiated, formed, and stewarded relationships between global executives from companies, such as Shell, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, and professors, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students. Zianette also grew a company faster than it was able to sustain and generated $1Million dollars in revenue within her 1st year at a previous employer.

An avid volunteer, Zianette believes in the importance of giving back to others and living by example. She is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations, including Women at Risk International, Darkness to Light, and Best Buddies. She also spends time assisting staff members and fellow parents at her children’s schools. A lover of learning and a mother of three, Zianette can be found practicing American Sign Language, enjoying family time with her kids, and hosting a diverse group of friends. Zianette is also very good at listening to people vent and helping them work towards a resolution. She is happy to serve as a private ear for anyone who wants to be heard, is in need of a fresh perspective or advice on how to see their way through a difficult situation. Book your confidential venting or business coaching sessions via this website.